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*When is it safe to start planting outside?

We recommend waiting until after the frost-free date for your area. For Delaware, Ohio that is May 1st. If you bring plants home sooner than that just keep an eye on the nighttime temperatures. For freezing temperatures, place your plants in a garage or inside for the night to keep them from getting damaged by the cold.    

*When are your sales?

Check our Weekly Specials section of the website for upcoming promotions. Also be sure to follow us on Facebook!

*When should I divide my perennials?

Not all perennials can be divided, be sure to check before you start! Once you see your hostas or daylilies starting to sprout up a few inches, it is a good time to divide and relocate them. This can also be done in the fall. The advantage of moving them before they fully leave out is they will look nicer and less floppy for the upcoming season.

*Where are my perennials I planted last year, I don't see them yet?

Being patient is the key here. Different perennials will start to grow and sprout at different times in the Spring. A good rule of thumb is the later in the season it blooms the later it will emerge in the Spring. For example Hardy Hibiscus bloom late summer and can be one of the last ones to sprout, so don't give up yet!

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